After a busy day, you sit to rest with a beverage-in-hand. 

As you reflect on the scenes beautifying the walls of your home, your heart basks on the warm sandy shores of memory, refreshed with aloha spirit.

We capture your story on the beautiful beaches of O‘ahu with fine art portraits in Hawaii.

Fine Art Portrait Commissions


Nani means beauty

When beauty surrounds you, there is no better time and place to have your portrait created. 

It brings out the true nani in your heart for all to see. 


Ho‘onānea means relax

 You are excited but also overwhelmed by even thinking about the process of having a fine art portrait done. 

We know.  

With our streamlined process to advise at every step (even how to prepare: HERE ), you can sit back and hoʻonānea.   

With Chelseacraft, portraits in Hawaii are a 'day at the beach'. 


Ke kū‘ai means investment

 You have no way of knowing about the life that generations after you will live. 

Real estate can't be moved, currency can lose value. And neither will tell a chapter of your story as well as a fine art portrait.


What do you value?

Contact Chelseacraft today to schedule your consultation about we can help you invest in those aloha moments that matter most, so they will last generations.


  Time passes quickly. Before you know it children are grown, parents, spouses or grandparents are gone, and your ohana has changed forever. 

But you will have gifted your loved ones a priceless legacy of aloha from your heart to their children, because you never really own a fine art portrait. You merely take care of it for the next generation.

 Don’t miss the opportunity for Chelseacraft to create a portrait of your ohana, because life has no pause button. 

Magnified image of a portrait of a young woman turned away from the bright sunset in Hawaii

Ho‘oilina means Legacy

Ho‘oilina means Legacy

Ho‘oilina means Legacy

You overhear your grandchild's friend exclaim, "Whoa! Who is that?" 

Portrait of a young woman turning from the bright sunset in Hawaii set in a wood frame

Ho‘oilina means Legacy

Ho‘oilina means Legacy

And you can't help smiling when your grandchild proudly replies,
"That's my Nana in Hawai'i. I love that picture. Mom says I'll get to put it in my house someday."

Wood-framed portrait of a young woman in Hawaii above a white fireplace in a beautiful sitting room.

Ho‘oilina means Legacy

Let's talk about starting a fine art ho‘oilina for your family.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Fine Art Portrait Commission rate information?

Investment varies for each bespoke Fine Art commission. Please contact us for accurate information specific to your portrait commission inquiry. 

What are the Fine Art sizing and framing options you offer?

 Our Fine Art Portraits are bespoke works handcrafted of the finest materials for each unique commission. This ensures that your fine art will be not only of the highest quality, but one-of-a-kind in it's creation.  We will advise you through every step of the process. This service is included in your commission.

How long are your sessions for a portrait commission?

 Your session length for a portrait commission will be, on average, approximately 1 hour from start to finish and will always be the exact length necessary to create your Fine Art Portrait as commissioned.