is a team effort creating art that tells your story of aloha through the artistic lens of Chelsea Garcia, Fine Art Photographer. 


 It doesn't look like she's having much fun while on the beach in Hawai'i, with 'wind-swept hair.' However, SHE'S ECSTATIC and looking forward to greeting the ohana that will be meeting her on the beach for their day of le'ale'a. But she's also SUPER FOCUSED on getting the light measured right for the upcoming sunset photo session. You see, she has spent a long time dreaming of this opportunity to understand their story and capture it creatively for them! It's a labor of love AND lots of le'ale'a.  Chelseacraft Photography would not be here without immeasurable support from family, friends and most importantly, clients that become ohana, like you.


   Chelsea has dabbled in many formal, self-study and fine art educational classes and workshops:

  • landscape and digital photography studies with The Arcanum Academy of Digital Art in 2014-2015; 
  • Art History and mixed media applications at Seattle's Art Museum,  Wing Luke Museum, Asian Art Museum, Burke Museum and Frye Art Museum;  
  • and photography at San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts, Museum of Art and Timken Museum  of Art; 
  • and has recently enjoyed completing Annie Leibovitz's masterclass.

 All evidence that she will always like i loko o to continue crafting the highest quality images.  


    In exercise of her studies and personal pursuits, Chelsea has also completed many works in the following fine arts, which helped inform her eclectic-yet-classical photographic aesthetic and perspective, a kaila she will infuse into the art she creates for you:    

  • portrait and landscape photography, 
  • pencil, felt pen and pastel sketching, and acrylic painting.

Along with the the not-so-fine arts of: 

  • silk batik, furniture restoration, various textile sewing projects, paper sculpture, cake decoration and digital painting 



  Chelsea has lived in the deserts of Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico; the evergreen forests of Washington; and a brief 6-week stint in urban Ireland. She has had quite a few inspiring/exasperating adventures along the way, on her own & with her husband(partner-in-crime of 28 years) and their 6'3" son(reason-for-all-her-grey-hairs).  They have culminated into transporting her life across 2500 miles of open ocean to Hawai'i nei. Here, you'll often see her with obvious swimsuit strings under her tops as she is perpetually on her way to or from the beach. She continues  learning about and exploring the nature, culture, history and minute details of the daily aloha life of her island home on O'ahu and hopes to get in a lot more holoholo soon.