Shared Aloha

1) "We are thrilled with the images for this ad campaign for our IG account promoting our 2nd Anniversary celebration and Octoberfest! We especially love the space for large text on the image with the focus on our new glass steins. You captured our target audience with the perfect vibe." - Schweinhaus Biergarten

2) "We love these Fine Art prints of paradise. They show Hawaii's breathtaking beauty and how our hearts long to be back there every time we look at them. Exactly what we wanted for our Salon's relaxation room and beautiful additions to our collection of Fine Art photography." -  Dan & Meghan

3) "I am so glad I got my branding session from Chelseacraft. It really shows my personality in the best way, doing the simple things that make me happy. That is exactly what I wanted my college application and social media profiles to show." - Jacklyn W.

About the Artist



Discover aloha and respect for this special place on the ‘aina through the lens of Chelsea Garcia, fine art photographer.